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Do you feel stuck, unhappy, lost, confused or lacking confidence?  Do you need motivation & guidance from a fat-loss expert?  Have you tried every diet and getting no results?

Arrange your very own online coaching sessions to help you achieve your health or fat loss goals, change your life and get on the right path.  Lose weight and keep it off for good with the help of your very own 'fat loss expert' at Kelly's Health & Fitness Academy.

What is Online Coaching?

Kelly's 'Online Coaching' provides an opportunity for you to receive direct support in a one-to-one setting or within a group to achieve your health and fitness goals. 


Kelly's specialist expertise will provide you with tailored advice by:

1. Planning and delivering creative and personalised exercise programmes and instruction

2. Providing nutritional advice

3. Providing lifestyle management guidance

4. Analysing your specific needs

5. Adapting and modifying the guidance to motivate you to positively change your behaviour and improve your overall wellbeing.

  • You become more accountable

  • You Save time and gets faster results

  • You are less stressed & frustrated 

  • You gain new ideas & solutions to solve problems

  • You gain Insight in to your triggers & behaviours

  • Your confidence will increase will all aspects in your life

  • Your not on your own, gain 1:1 support & guidance

Benefits of Online Coaching with a fat loss expert:

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