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How do I lose fat?

Have you found it difficult to lose weight in the past? I'm going to tell you the simple facts on how to lose fat. Please note if you have any underlining medical conditions please refer to your GP for guidance. This information is for people without any health conditions who simply want to lose fat.

Losing weight is a science, here are the facts.

Losing weight happens when you consume less calories than you body needs.

What are Calories?

Calories are units of energy that are released whilst your body breaks down food and drink. The more calories food has; the more energy it will provide your body. When you eat more calories then you need; your body stores the extra calories as body fat. If you eat too many fewer calories than your body needs you may cause harm to your health. The body needs calories not just to keep you moving and thinking. Calories are also required to keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing. Therefore calorie intake is necessary, but to lose weight you need to consume less calories from either food, drink as well as increasing your activity levels.

It doesn't necessarily mean to eat less but rather to choose food and drink that consists of less calories. It's really that simple?

So why do some people find it difficult to lose fat?

It is difficult to consistently consume the right amount of fewer calories. There are so many distractions such as social gathering which usually consist of eating & drinking. Plus food does taste divine and there's so much choice. Another difficulty is due to a possible lack of understanding of how many calories are in particular foods or drinks. Rather some people look at food or drink and presume it is healthy by its appearance rather than understanding what it consists of.

To lose fat you need to understand how many calories you need each day. Everyone is different we all have different body compositions. We are tall or short, active or inactive, have a low or high metabolism, have active or inactive jobs. These are the things you need to consider when calculating how many calories you actually need each day.

Due to us all being different means we all need different amounts of calories to survive and we need to know this before we can calculate how many calories we need to eat to lose weight. We cannot assume that we can eat the same as someone else and lose fat; its an individual journey. It is estimated that on average a woman needs 2000 calories a day. An average man needs 2500 calories; however this may not be how many calories you need. To do this we would have to consider a variety of factors to determine your activity levels your age and the amount of weight you currently are. This is a mathematical calculation.

Yes losing far is really that simple; calculate what you need each day and reduced that amount of calories = reduction of fat.

Next Steps:

Ideally aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week until you reach your healthy weight for your height. Because 3500 calories equals about 1 pound, It's estimated that you need to reduce your weekly calories by 3500 to lose 1 pound. This calculates to 500 calories a day less. This is an estimate, you will know in time as you track your calories. Ideally the weight you lose should be fat and not muscle. Reducing your calories too drastically can lead to muscle loss if you're reducing your calories to the recommended 500 calories a day then you are at risk off muscle loss. You want to be strong and at a healthy weight (e.g. An average women needs 2000 calories a day, therefore 500 less would equate to 1500 calories deficit a day to lose 1 pound in a week).

Step 1: How much calories should you eat?

No need to do the maths. Simply use my highly accurate scientific calorie calculator. Enter your details in the Calculator below to figure out how many calories you should be eating and drinking per day to lose weight.

Step 2: Use tools to track your progress

Download Kelly's resources to help you track your progress. I recommend downloading the 'Body Measurement Sheet' and the 'Fit Test' to start.

Step 3: Create a Meal Plan to Match your daily Calories

You will need to plan what you are going to eat and how many calories the food consists. Add every calorie to ensure you do not exceed your daily calorie allowance. If you find this overwhelming or difficult, then just download a Fat Loss Meal Plan from Kelly's Health & Fitness Academy's website.

Step 4: How Should I Increase my Level of Activity?

If you want to loose fat fast, then you will need to choose activities that burn a lot of calories. This could include walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, weight training, interval training, yoga and many more. Choose an activity which challenges your physical capabilities and makes you feel breathless and increases your body temperature. Please note you can never compensate through activity for a poor diet. The priority is to decrease your calorie intake and then increase your activity.

Create an activity plan. Its not simply about using the stairs where possible or walking to your local shops. I am talking about purpose led activity. I have a variety of workouts to guide you on my website. If you would like more information about loosing weight; please don't hesitate to contact me. Lets start today.

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